Digidesign Digi 002 (4 preamps + 4 line inputs)
2 TL Audio Ivory 2 Tube Preamp (w/ comp)
Focusrite OctoPre (8 channels w/ comp)
KKB Radius2 FATMAN Tube Preamp (w/ comp)
Joe Meek VC3 Preamp (w/ comp/eq)
TC Electronics TC Helicon Preamp/Processor
ART MPA Tube Preamp (2 channels)
2 ART Pro Channel Tube Preamps (w/ comp/eq)
ART Tube Preamp
Channel One channel strip (w/ comp/eq/gate)

Pro Tools LE
Various Plugins

EV: N/D 478, N/D 257
Shure: Beta 58, Unisphere 5633 (2),
Beta 98A(2), Beta 52, SM59 (2), SM81 (2)
Oktava: MK 012-01 (2), MK-219 (2), MK-319 (2)
Audio Technica: DR-VX1, AT4033a (2)
Sennheiser: E609, MD421 (3)
AKG: D-112
Samson: Q7 (3)
Stageworks: CC12
Blue: En-Core 100 Vocal, En-Core 100i

Mackie MR8 Pair
Alesis Monitor One Pair
Various Headphones

Guitar Amps/Equipment:
Mesa single rectifier with oversized Mesa bottom
Peavey 5150 with matching cab
B52 head with matching cab
Marshall 1960 cab
Ampeg Vintage V4 guitar cab with Celestion G12-75 speakers
Ampeg dual 12 combo amp
Crate dual chorus head
Line 6 Guitar POD (2)
Approx. 15 other stomp boxes

Bass Amps/Equipment:
Vintage David Eden head
3 different David Eden cabinets
Ampeg Hvt 450 head with Ampeg 810 cab
Line 6 Bass POD
Sansamp Bass Driver pedal